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In this article, we will understand you: what Meldonium, why, and how it is used, and how this might affect the world of MMA.

Meldonium (Mildronate) refers to a group of metabolic tools that are able to normalize metabolic processes energy in the cells, experienced a lack of oxygen, ischemia. Meldonium has established itself as an effective drug for the normalization and stabilization of energy metabolism of the heart.

So, now let's see what Meldonium

What is its necessity. And why many athletes use it? Mildronate for sale (Meldonium) was established in the USSR in the 1970-ies, this drug is the main impact on the heart, as a rule, it is used by people with heart disease, it also prescribed by doctors to athletes, as it has the recovery action from the physical strain, decreased performance, etc. After all, it is no secret to anyone that the athletes spend all their life in training, and in order to succeed and be the best in the business - need a grueling workout. Usually, this really makes the body of athletes, and such restorative drugs just need.

When you want a full course Meldonium: application according to the testimony

  • So far, the news that someone had a positive test for Meldonium, of the athletes in MMA was not. But yesterday Alexey Oleinik, posted on the social network information, that he was visited by people from the anti-doping Agency. In his message, had used the hashtags #inflammation #doping and others. We can only guess what will happen next. After all, at least by Russian athletes, saying that he did not know that Meldonium is equated to doping - mildronate buy
  • Mildronate is a very common Russia drug, it is allowed even children from the age of 12. In the description it is written that "the host observed tonic effect – improves memory, thought processes are accelerated, increasing agility movements, increased resistance to adverse circumstances."

How effective Meldonium: reviews and results of treatment

From Kelp (seaweed) – also produce very useful properties, especially the Japanese. From consuming cabbage, markedly increased brain activity, observed increased life expectancy, and many other properties. So one can only guess if you pick up on in the future experts from WADA fantastic properties of the cabbage, then put her on a list of doping. Or will not reveal whether Ascorbic acid analyticheskii properties. Only time will tell.